Camp GLOW will be held after the third girls club. All of the girls who graduated from one of the girls clubs will be able to apply and 30 girls will be chosen by Meals on Wheels Estcourt staff to attend Camp GLOW. The Camp will be held at Greystone Camp (13 km outside of Estcourt) and will last for 3 nights. Every day will be filled with different activities and lessons designed to meet the project’s objectives. The camp will provide three meals for the campers and counsellors to enjoy together. Each day will end with time for girls to write in their journal, reflecting on the day’s activities

Project Goal

This Girls Club and Camp GLOW aims to empower girls in grades 8-12 through knowledge, confidence, and self-respect. By learning about HIV/AIDS prevention practices, health, goal setting and leadership, the girls will be able to be role models in their community.

Project Objectives

  • Teach the girls about HIV/AIDS and how they can make safer choices.
    5% of girls will demonstrate increased knowledge of HIV/AIDS on the post-test surveys.
    35% of girls will report having used learned life skills in everyday life.
  • Create a safe space for girls to have a support group.
    90% of girls will report that they felt comfortable sharing personal experiences in group settings.
  • Empower the girls to be leaders in their community and work towards a bright future.
    40% of girls will report having increased confidence in telling their families and peers about HIV prevention.
    75% of girls will report they feel confident in goal setting for their future.


In the first and last club meeting, there will be a pre and post-test to assess the girl’s knowledge on health, HIV/AIDS, and other related topics. The tests will help determine what the girls have learned in the club. The tests will also indicate what needs to be focused on in subsequent clubs. At the end of each club, there will also be satisfaction surveys to see what the girls liked and disliked and how the club can be improved. Weekly attendance will also be a measure of the club’s success. The girls will have to attend a certain percentage of meetings in order to graduate, creating a completion rate that can be reflected on. Other ways to evaluate how the project satisfied its objectives are through asking teachers and Meals on Wheels staff observations and interviews with the girls.

At the end of Camp GLOW, the girls will be asked to complete evaluations of the camp. The questions will be created with the goal of learning what the girls found effective, what they learned, and what they liked or disliked. Throughout the camp, counsellors will be observant to what the girls’ care learning most about, focusing their efforts on those topics. Two months after the camps completion, informal interviews will be held with the girls to see if they are applying their acquired knowledge.