Climbing the beanstalk of success

Meals on Wheels Food Security and Development Agency operates in an environment that is characterised by high levels of poverty. According to Statistics SA (SSA) the number of people living below the food line increased to 15, 8 million in 2009 from 12, 6 million in 2006, before dropping to 10, 2 million people in 2011.
The very existence of this organisation emanates from the need to alleviate this dire socio-economic situation. The National Planning Commission has set a target of eliminating all poverty below the poverty line by 2030. SSA further states that “as of 2011, 32, 3% of the population or roughly 16, 3 million people were living below this poverty line”. Black Africans, and youth in particular, are the worst affected in terms of the poverty impact. SSA found that in terms of poverty share, almost six out of ten (58, 3%) poor people lived in rural areas in 2011. Females also remain poorer compared to males.
Besides high poverty levels, particularly in the Province of KwaZulu Natal where the organisation has headquarters, other characteristics of the operating environment include high youth unemployment, food security challenges and challenges with regard to access to health and educational services. Based on the 2011 census results KwaZulu Natal is the third poorest province after Limpopo and the Eastern Cape.