Expanded Public Works Programme

Meals on Wheels Food Security & Development Agency (MOWFSDA) highly trained, dedicated and committed Care Givers/ Crisis Interventionists are responsible in manning the respective Community Care Centres and Half Way Houses. Care Givers/Crisis Interventionists are adequately trained to ensure they are able to identify orphaned and vulnerable children, who are in dire need of care, support and any other related intervention in ensuring that the target group lives a full and healthy lifestyle.

Care Givers/Crisis Interventionists conduct regular visits to Homes, Schools, Crèches, Local Social Welfare Offices, Drop In Centres etc. where they conduct interviews with relevant role players in assessing and identifying children who are in need.

Upon Identifying the respective children the Care Giver/Crisis Interventionist creates a data base of the children’s personal details, health and related socio-economic profiles for office and record purposes. Such records further determine the type of intervention the respective child will need while attending the Community Care Centre or Half Way House.

The Child’s progress in terms of their health, social, emotional, psychological, intellectual and spiritual development is recorded and monitored by the Care Givers/Crisis Interventionist. Those children needing professional intervention are referred to the relevant department for further assistance. Thus it is essential that Care Givers/Crisis Interventionist are trained adequately to ensure that they are able to form collaborative and effective partnerships with relevant Doctors, Nurses, Psychologist, Spiritual Leadership, Social Workers, Tutors in the event professional intervention is required. Community Care Givers/Crisis Interventionists are also trained to conduct lay counselling in Domestic and Gender Based Violence, Rape, Child Abuse, Abuse of Elderly and Bereavement