Girls Club

Meals on Wheels Food Security & Development Agency, the local drop-in centre, female teachers and a counterpart, will help female leaders in grades 8-12 be identified. These girls will get the opportunity to submit an application to be in the Good home Girls Club. The application will consist of questions about their leadership qualities and why they would like to be a part of the Girls Club. The applications will be reviewed by Meals on Wheels staff and 30 girls will be chosen. At the completion of each club, this process will be repeated, selecting new girls. In addition, a few girls from the previous club will be asked to help lead the next club. Funding has been provided for the first three clubs as well as the first Camp GLOW. At the end of the three clubs, all of the girls will be able to apply for a Camp GLOW. 30 girls will be chosen based on a similar application process and once the camp has finished the club process will start over again.

Each club will meet twice a week for 12 weeks. Each week will include a lesson, snack time, and fun activity, craft or game. At every meeting, attendance will be taken, the pledge will be recited, and the last meeting will be recapped. Club meetings will start with a fun game or icebreaker. Every week will include a lesson presented by a Meals on Wheels Estcourt staff as well as guest speakers such as nurses and police women. The main purpose of these lessons is to educate and empower the girls to live healthy lives and overcome the many challenges they are faced with. A question/suggestion box will be present at every meeting and the issues will be discussed after that day’s lesson or at the following meeting. This allows the girls to take control of their club, discussing the issues they find important. After the box, a healthy snack will be provided. Following snack time, the group will do a fun activity, craft or game. The activity will reflect on the day’s lesson and allow for team building and cooperation.