Community Work Programme (CWP)

The Concept

The Community Work Programme (CWP) is an innovative offering from government to provide a job safety net for unemployed people of working age. The CWP is also a great opportunity for unemployed youth who are actively looking for employment opportunities. The Programme will also help uplift our communities and create much needed job opportunities in your search for full-time or part-time employment. Programme participants do community work, Meals

On Wheels Estcourt is working on this program in areas such as Ladysmith (Mnambithi)

 The Purpose

The primary purpose of the CWP is to create access to a minimum level of regular and predictable work opportunities for those who need it, targeting areas of high unemployment, where sustainable alternatives are likely to remain limited for the foreseeable future. In this process, the CWP purpose is also to achieve the following.

 The Implementation

The CWP is an area-based programme that is established in a defined local area, called a site. Sites are usually a ward or municipal area and need formal support from relevant local government structures.
The programme is implemented at a national and local level. The Department of Cooperative Governance (DCoG) handles overall management and contracting. Meals on Wheels Estcourt rolls out the programme at a local level in partnership with local implementing agents. We are appointed to develop the site, provide financial, logistics and project management, while building local capacity through partnerships with local non-governmental organisations (NGO) and community-based organisations (CBOs).

We aim to improve the quality of life in poor communities by helping to create and maintain community assets and develop services. This work is identified and prioritised through participatory processes, in ward committees or other agreed local development forums.