Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP)

In 2011 the Independent Development Trust in partnership with National Department of Public Works conducted a baseline study on beneficiaries participating in the EPWP Non State Sector Programme under Meals on Wheels Food Security And Development Agency. This report highlights the findings regarding the status quo of the beneficiaries prior and during their participation in the EPWP Non State Sector Programme.

The report will focus on the gender participation in the programme, the income levels for individual and their households, level of skills towards their occupation and the main expenses that individuals incur on monthly basis. The study was conducted using the questionnaire. The questionnaire was administered by the IDT officials together with staff members of MOW-FSDA.

1.1. Age Groups:
What is more significant about the beneficiaries the programme is the majority are youth who have never been employed before. Youth form more than 83% out of 98 people who responded in the baseline study with age groups between18-35. The majority of these young people have completed matric and other have dropped out of grade 11 and 10. The majority are found in the rural Ares. Weenen is a small rural town with the small new township which is not well developed. Ntabamhlphe is the semi-rural area which also has the majority of young people who are not working. The women participating in the programme are also a majority of them between the ages of 19-35 representing 65% of the total beneficiaries or respondents in the study. The rest of the beneficiaries are


For this financial year Meals On Wheels Food Security And Development Agency in partnership with Independent Development Trust And National Department Of Public Works   created 748 works Opportunities within the Province of Kwazulu Natal