The goal of our Community Health/Home Based Care program is to prevent new infection and to treat and care for those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS or those suffering from other chronic illnesses or conditions. With this aim we are currently facilitating the following activities:

  • Home based care: This program encourages health and dignity among all people particularly those infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. We follow a Home Based Care approach which provides holistic care for those infected with HIV or suffering from chronic illness. This may include aiding in bathing, feeding, medication administration, and providing emotional support. We currently have 200 Home Based Care volunteers who work in the greater Kwazulu Natal across 35 Community development Centers. They are all trained in basic home based care practices. The majority have training in HIV counselling, First Aid, and TB DOTS. (Direct Observation Treatment Support).
  • Community Outreach and Education: One of Meals On Wheels Feed Security and Development Agency main objectives is to help in the prevention of HIV in our community as well as make an impact against the stigma of HIV. This is done through community outreach and the distribution of HIV and TB information as well as where to seek assistance. HIV Support Group: We have a support group of 13 members which meets weekly in our centers. The women are involved in all poverty alleviation programs including skills training and income generation. Many of the Support Group members participate in other BSSP programs as home based care givers as well as child minders.