Income Generating Programmes

Sustainability: MOWCS (Estcourt) goal is to establish community projects that will help generate an income as part of its self-sustainable goals and objective. One of NACS’s on-going activities is that of conducting research in the area of self-sustainable income generation projects targeting its rural constituencies.

Herewith are some of MOWCS income generation projects.

  • Community Bakery.
  • Agricultural project (in partnership with the Department of Agriculture /yellow maize project).
  • The communities are encouraged to be self-reliant by doing project that will generate income to earn living. This pays special focus on women who are special heads of the families. We do gardening and there are special Arts and craft activities in place that will be done to help our women to be self-reliant.
  • Business Development and Planning.
  • Company Registration.
  • Tax Consultants.
  • Monitoring and evaluation/ Complacence for NGO’s.


Community Bakery Project
A staple food for our targeted families is bread, most of which is produced in our establishing bakery, which is soon to be launched to stakeholders. The partnership with experienced bakeries within the local municipality is set to help improve the operations of this volunteer-operated bakery. Most of the Bakery’s proceeds are re-circulated back into the areas of the organisation’s economy to help promote and support the community
The objective of the MOWFSDA bakery project is to develop a profitable and sustainable bakery, upon which so many families depend. The end result will be to provide a steady food source to the community as well as a stable stream of funding for various programs currently being initiated.

The Director, Samkelo Mlambo along with relevant stakeholders will be conducting a constant follow-up and analyse the progress made by the Bakery. Our team will then look for ways to further improve on operations as well as opportunities to increase production and profits. We will also be looking to improve sanitary practices and the environmental effects of the bakery.
Expected Project Completion Date: