OVC/NIP Program

The main function of the MOW-FSDA’s OVC program is to run through the numerous Kids Care Centers, located in rural community development Centre’s throughout the Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Why do we need Kids Care Centers?Kids Care Centres serve to normalize the daily life of the orphan child. These orphans have lost their parents due to HIV/AIDS. Some live alone, and some are cared for by their ailing grandparents. Because of our centres, there has been tremendous improvement in school attendance, school performance and body weight amongst the OVCs.

Home-based care-givers have identified more than 8000 orphans living in different district Municipalities. 9 Kids Care Centre’s have been established and about 2000 OVCs are being cared for. Each Centre caters for approximately 200 children.

This is just a drop in the sea, considering the number of OVCs that have been identified.. The project wishes to scale up this programme in order to accommodate more OVCs but due to financial constraints this becomes impossible. At this time, 500 is the only number we can afford.

We spend R20 000 per month in each Centre including rent and fuel and it is not enough to serve them all. Volunteer child-minders look after these orphans in each halfway house. They start as early as 05h30 to prepare the meals for children so that children won’t be late at school. They also prepare meals later in the day for lunch.