Youth Development

MOWFSDA Youth Empowerment activities is geared to emphasize that the youth and women of today have become vulnerable members of our society and thus are required to make the necessary choices for a healthy lifestyle. In addition the values of shared responsibility and positive sexuality are promoted.

The behavioural goals of ‘delay’, ‘reduce’ and ‘protect’ are further embedded in our awareness program activities. The outcome or impact analysis of our youth and women empowerment program has proven to be successful sexual and health reproduction awareness among the youth and women. Both women and youth are more aware of the negative impact of unprotected sex especially youth have made it a right and a choice to delay having sexual relationships. In the case of women, they have also learned to exercise their constitutional right of ensuring safer and protected sexual relationships as a right thus eliminating being victims of domestic and gender based violence. MOWFSDA Women and Youth programs entail a number of dialogue sessions where very open debates, sharing experiences and other dialogue sessions have helped demystify the number of myths and stigma of the virus within families and communities.

On-going research pertaining to further empowerment and development of women and youth is conducted in order to ensure that relevant project activities are implemented.

  • Youth summer camps.
  • Life skills.
  • The project has partnership with Love Life who employed two Ground Breakers to run awareness campaigns and workshops within and out of schools. Fifteen schools are receiving our programs
  • We have partnership with National Student Financial Aid Scheme – NSFAS. Our organisation was selected to be included in the 3rd tier partnership. This partnership includes the following:
  1.  Disseminate of NSFAS marketing material to all schools and youth organisations and to poor students who would wish to go into higher education utilizing our project.
  2. Referral of such students to first tier organisations and to Financial Aid Office FAO of the University that is closest to them
  3. Liaise with NSFAS communication officer on a regular basis.
  • The organisation provides support to those with special needs.


Other Youth Developmental Programs

Girls Club

Camp Glow