Zimeleni Mzansi household food security programme

“Our riches are beneath us”

This programme is a pilot programme funded by National Development Agency for AMAJUBA district and two local municipalities were prioritised (Emadlangeni and Dunnhauser municipalities).
Meals on wheels Food Security and development agency is an implementing agent, contracted to monitor the implementation of the programme for 12 months, it is named as Zimeleni Mzansi and our motto “ our riches are beneath us”
The HFSP seeks to improve conditions in rural and peri-uban arrears through development of capacity, skills and values within these communities to meet; long term goal of sustaining development and poverty alleviation within the context of food security using a sustainable livelihoods approach.

Project details an activities.
Meals on Wheels FSDA in partnership with UNISA has offered Short learn Programme (SLP)/ Trainings HFSP facilitation.
40 matriculated youth were identified and enrolled to the SLP with UNISA to gain knowledge, values and skills that will enable them to LINK relevant food security issues, concepts, and food related policies, strategies and programmes with a household focus for improving food sovereignty and food security.
Utilize a range of facilitation and participatory of skills to identify and mobilize household for improved household food security.
Meals on wheels has also created 40 JOBs in partnership with Public works, trough Expanded Public Works Programme.
200 households are beneficiaries of the pilot programme for 2015, tools and agricultural recourses will be purchased for each household.

Evaluating the impact so far the programme has equipped 40 youth and 200 household, effectually the multitudes will be able to meet the long term gaol of sustainable development and poverty alleviation with the context of food security using livelihoods approaches.