Household Food & Nutrition Security Programme

Department of Social Development has appointed Meals on Wheels Food Security & Development Agency to implement and support the following program, with the department driving the strategy.

The strategy proposes for more coherent and robust responses to food and nutrition insecurity with the establishment of a larger network of Food Distribution Centres, distributing food to food insecure households.


Household access model diagram

The model diagram


How Does the Provincial Food Distribution Centre work?

  • Distribute procured and donated bulk food from Producers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Retailers.
  • Supply raw ingredients to CNDCs on a weekly basis. The CNDCs informs the PFDCs about the requirements of the menu’s and the PFDCs in turn supplies them accordingly;
  • The PFDC supplies the CFDs with prepared food parcels which will be distributed to deserving households. The CFDs informs the PFDCs about the number of households it serves per week and the PFDCs supplies it accordingly;

What are Community Development and Nutrition Centres?
CNDC are community based feeding centres operated by local community-based organisations (CBOs) aimed at providing cooked nutritious meals to vulnerable and food insecure members of the community in a shared space.
The CNDC’s promote the development of beneficiaries towards creating sustainable livelihoods. They are designed to empower people through knowledge sharing, education, training and skills development to become food secure, while the nutritional support is an interim safety net measure.