Disaster Relief

260 food parcels were distributed by Meals on Wheels Food Security and Development Agency in partnership with Provincial Social Development in Loskop (Tatane) as part of disaster relief and poverty alleviation for destitute communities. Many thanks to the MEC Weziwe Thusi and honourable Cllr Phindile Stradom Mayor of Imbabazane local Municipality for the support extended.

Household Food & Nutrition Security Programme

Department of Social Development has appointed Meals on Wheels Food Security & Development Agency to implement and support the following program, with the department driving the strategy. The strategy proposes for more coherent and robust responses to food and nutrition insecurity with the establishment of a larger network of Food Distribution Centres, distributing food to food insecure households. The model diagram   How Does the Provincial Food Distribution Centre work? Distribute procured and donated bulk food from Producers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Retailers...

Context Background

Meals on Wheels Food Security and Development Agency operates in an environment that is characterised by high levels of poverty. According to Statistics SA (SSA) the number of people living below the food line increased to 15, 8 million in 2009 from 12, 6 million in 2006, before dropping to 10, 2 million people in 2011. The very existence of this organisation emanates from the need to alleviate this dire socio-economic situation. The National Planning Commission has set a target of eliminating all poverty below the poverty line by 2030. SSA further states that “as of 2011, 32, 3% of the pop...