Income Generation Programmes

Sustainability: - Our goal is to establish community projects that will help generate an income as part of its self-sustainable goals and objective. One of NACS's on-going activities is that of conducting research in the area of self-sustainable income generation projects targeting its rural constituencies. Herewith are some of MOWFSDA income generation projects. Community Bakery Agricultural project (in partnership with the Department of Agriculture /yellow maize project) The communities are encouraged to be self-reliant by doing project that will generate income to earn living. Thi...

Household Food & Nutrition Security Programme

Department of Social Development has appointed Meals on Wheels Food Security & Development Agency to implement and support the following program, with the department driving the strategy. The strategy proposes for more coherent and robust responses to food and nutrition insecurity with the establishment of a larger network of Food Distribution Centres, distributing food to food insecure households. The model diagram   How Does the Provincial Food Distribution Centre work? Distribute procured and donated bulk food from Producers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Retailers...